Studio A comes with a 200 sq ft control room that seats 3 comfortably.  It has a 100 sq ft  isolation booth.  Perfect if you're looking to record vocals, guitar, bass, or other acoustic instruments.  This is also where we record podcasts and audiobooks, as well as the room we use for mixing (stereo), layback (stereo) and mastering.


This is the price for the majority of the work we do.  Studio A is extremely flexible and equipped to record, edit, mix, and master almost anything.  From this room we've worked with Grammy award winning artists and created music heard by millions.


per hour

Studio A w/professional engineer

2 hour minimum booking (4 hr for filming)

$150 deposit required to book


Payment - No depsosit = no session.  In the event of cancellation, 48 hours notice required for a deposit refund.  We accept cash, credit (visa, mc, amex), or paypal.  Full payment due at the end of the session.

Time - You are billed for the time you book.  Please be punctual.  Depending on what you're doing in the studio, some setup time may be required - that time is part of your session.

Data - Your data is your responsibility.  Always bring an external hard disk (recommended) or flash drive so you can keep your data with you.

Etiquette - No smoking in the studios, but we do have a private patio.  The studio is for clients and their engineer/producer, not their freinds and fans.  Be rehearsed/prepared and ready to work.